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The expert bathroom suites manufacturers we work with make high quality bathtubs. Many different types & styles are available for instant purchase.

WorldBuild365 - Professional Suppliers of Bathroom Suites

  • Steel bathtub (EMALIA) 1,7*0,7 m white
    Steel bathtub (EMALIA) 1,7*0,7 m white
    Umix TM

    Bath Steel (EMALIA) 1,7 * 0,7 m white (in upak.-27 pcs) Company / Country of origin «EMALIA» / Poland

  • Ванна Лион
    Ванна Лион

    Роскошная ванна "Лион" является одной из самых оригинальных за счет своих форм. Отличный выбор для тех, кто любит свободу, комфорт и следуют последним тенденциям в дизайне.

  • Ванна Камелия
    Ванна Камелия

    Ванна «Камелия» придает интерьеру особую роскошь и комфорт. Одной из главных особенностей является то, что такие модели гармонично дополняют практически любой интерьер.

  •  Adel /Адель
    Adel /Адель
    Sanflor Mebel

    Adele - means "noble" that exactly reflects the image of the set. Unshakable style captivates at first sight, the classic image once again confirms its relevance at all times. The nobility of the texture, finish, make a set of classical forms adorn the bathroom.

  • Elite bath with Flight technology
    Elite bath with Flight technology
    Kohler Rus

    For enhanced comfort, Jacob Delafon has equipped its new Elite bath with Flight technology – a new material that is barely heavier than acrylic but just as sturdy as cast iron - making installation easier and daily use more pleasant.

  • Acrylic bath Spacio
    Acrylic bath Spacio
    Kohler Rus

    A unique bathing space. Suits all bathroom styles. The spacious, comfortable Spacio bath will bring elegance and soberness to a number of bathrooms.

  • Bath Venus
    Bath Venus
    Industry UA

    Corner bath Venus is made of antibacterial acrylic plates. The advantages of acrylic bathtubs - strength, durability, stiffness, does not fade and does not lose its appeal because it toned.

  • Stone Bath Azur
    Stone Bath Azur

    Azur was created with a conceivably impossible objective to design a bath with ample interior space but truly modest outer measurements. Also available with COLORED PANEL.

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Purchasing bathtubs from proven bathroom suite suppliers guarantees you many advantages:

High durability means that surfaces will be resistant to wear.

Spatial efficiency makes it easier to fit not only baths from our suppliers, but other items such as showers as well.

Long life spans of up to 25 years ensure incredible value for money.

WorldBuild365 consults with a huge number of expert bathroom manufacturers who make tubs of many shapes and sizes. They provide all the benefits above, and so much more. Of course, when buying bathtubs wholesale it’s important that in-depth detail is given. 


Baths Made from Durable Materials

The bathroom suites manufacturers we work with are specialists in the following materials:

Acrylic is one of the most commonly used materials on the market – it’s relatively inexpensive, lightweight, and easy to install. In addition, acrylic bathtub manufacturers can make baths of various shapes, sizes, and colours.

Cast or cultured marble bathtubs are slightly more durable than those made of acrylic, are naturally bacteria and mildew-resistant, and aren’t incredibly expensive. They’re also arguably more appropriate for renovation projects where style is the major priority.

Steel baths are strong, resistant, and hard-wearing. In fact, they’re so robust that it’s almost impossible to scar their surface. And due to this incredible durability there’s a high likelihood they’ll last for over 20 years without losing any colour whatsoever.

Natural stone baths will give an earthy look and feel to any bathroom they are fitted in. However, they are incredibly heavy. Special framing will be required to handle their weight. What’s more, the stones themselves will need regular maintenance.


Bathtubs of Different Types for Different Purposes

We have access to bathtub manufacturers who can provide all these items:

Built-in bathtubs are the norm in most bathrooms – they need to be fixed to at least two walls. And while not as spatially efficient as corner tubs, they still won’t take as much room as freestanding ones. Furthermore, it should be noted that this kind of tub can be easily combined with a shower.

Corner bathtubs are extremely practical. They enable the maximisation of floor space, which in turn allows for room for other items from the bathroom manufacturers we work with. What’s more, they limit the amount of wall space required. As a result, a shower can be conveniently fitted over them. They’re also not very expensive when compared to similar looking options, such as the whirlpool bathtub.

Freestanding bathtubs are able to stand separate from all the walls in a bathroom. This means they can be placed in any desired location during a renovation project. That being said, they’ll take up more space, and the plumbing will be more difficult to install – it may need to be moved at a later date if the tub needs to be relocated.

Shower bathtubs offer an obvious space saving advantage. And they needn’t be bought new. Showers can be easily fitted to any previously fitted built-in bathtub.


Luxury High-end Options

These bathtubs are suitable for those who require more features on their tubs – the bathroom manufacturers we work with can construct:

Elite baths feature a special flight technology which makes them easier to install than iron tubs, but more durable than acrylic ones. Their sides are reinforced with concrete which makes wall-stud supports superfluous. A special anti-bacterial coating has been applied to their surface – this kills 99.9% of bacteria within 24 hours after they’ve been used. This effect will last throughout their lifespan.

Spa baths have a host of features including, but not limited to, a unique double drain system, an electronic control panel, and powerful low-noise pump. Additionally, they’re attractive and will give a certain style to all bathrooms.

Hydro massage baths provide a spa experience in the home. With massage options such as "airpool", "whirlpool", and "magic". They have transparent glass with a built-in LED light, and will seamlessly fit in almost any location in a bathroom.