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Wholesale faucet manufacturers, high quality bathroom tap suppliers, and more can all be found through WorldBuild365. It's a huge online builders directory.

Bathroom Taps Manufacturers | Buy More Than One Faucet Wholesale

  • Exter 1603 Mixer Tap
    Exter 1603 Mixer Tap

    Exter 1603 is a single handle mixer tap for a sink. The mixer is part of the famous Exter collection.

  • Isar 1303 Mixer Tap
    Isar 1303 Mixer Tap

    Isar 1303 is part of the Isar collection from WasserKraft. The mixer tap features reliability, quality and environmental friendliness.

  • A044 Shower Set
    A044 Shower Set

    The company WasserKraft does not cease to amaze us with its innovations in the field of shower sets. The A044 set is no exception.

  • A039 Shower Set
    A039 Shower Set

    A039 is a shower set with a convenient ceramic switch. A039 is a universal shower set with unique functionality that can become a highlight of your bathroom.

  • A042 Shower Set
    A042 Shower Set

    A042 is a shower set with an ultra-thin shower head. A042 is a novelty that will soon go on sale.

  • Three Hole Bath Mixer Series Berlin
    Three Hole Bath Mixer Series Berlin
    Dietsche (Bravat)

    Progress: The tried and tested RD540 series is now called Berlin and also features new models. The sophisticated handle and the classic round shape easily blend in with a modern ambiance. Matches the Varuna accessory line.

  • HansaStela

    HANSASTELA embellishes modern bathrooms with its clean-cut but soft look. At first sight, its design is rather understated. But the combination of joystick control and the wide, rectangular HANSAFLOW spout strike as extraordinary and trendsetting.

  • HansaUnita

    The variety of modern HANSA shower systems and showers are very pleasing and convincing - and provide you with a pure shower experience thanks to the innovative HANSA laminar technology.

  • Bath Set Hansa Basic Jet
    Bath Set Hansa Basic Jet

    Hansa's new Hansa Basic Jet collection includes two new shower models that can be interfaced with all modern fittings. The shower head is bulky, but it is also very simple and convenient to handle.

  • Hansa Pinto  Bathroom Mixer
    Hansa Pinto Bathroom Mixer

    Hansa presents the updated line of the Hansa Pinto collection. It has various types of mixers, but united by one principle - convenience and comfort for the whole family. Hansa Pinto XL is one of the main representatives of this line.

  • Alessi Sense Bathroom mixer
    Alessi Sense Bathroom mixer

    The new product of our company Alessi Sense is an elegant solution for the bathroom. This mixer operates in several modes. With a gentle tap on the top surface, turn the mixer on for 6 seconds. If you hold the touch for 1 second, the spilling of water will occur for 20 seconds. Touching for 4 seconds activates the cleaning mode for 1 minute.

Get functional yet elegant or sophisticated designs of faucet to match any bathroom. All of the faucet manufacturers you'll find in our products directory offer items that are:

For sinks, or baths and showers - you need the water tap supplier that you're working with to provide the model suited to your installation.

Made of materials to match the decor - select from a broad range of taps in chrome, stainless steel ceramic, and more.

Durable and hard-wearing so you know that once installed, your taps won't need replacing.

Because WorldBuild365 features ways to get all kinds of wholesale bathroom mixer taps, and to contact many bathroom taps manufacturers, you'll find it easy to locate the parts you need...

Bathroom Mixer Taps by Material

Are you looking for conventional stainless steel or nickle-chromium plated faucets, or perhaps you're interested in something a little unusual when buying wholesale bathroom mixer taps...

Chrome and stainless steel taps often feature in modern and contemporary designs by the best bathroom mixer taps suppliers. This covering is smart in appearance, as well as being resistant to water and staining, and - in the case of stainless steel - extraordinarily durable.

Ceramic taps are proof against heat, and often available in a variety of different tones, including various bronzes, and brushed steel.

Granite taps are another type of wholesale faucet you can find in our product directory. Granite taps are very attractive, functional, and incredibly resistant to wear and staining.

Sink, Bath and Shower Sets

Your bathroom tap manufacturer may offer combined bath and shower units for fitting. Or faucet sets suited to sinks. Common patterns include:

Dual lever designs are one of the most popular type of faucets fitted in bathrooms. They commonly feature an anti-scale handset and reinforced metal hose for the shower part if they're part of a bath and shower set. Having two levers or control knobs makes their functions easy to identify.

Single lever taps are perfect for many settings. They only require one hand to operate, and are available in a broad range of materials to match any decor or functional requirements. Some of the more varied options in our directory include mortise faucets of chrome-nickel plated brass, and the mosaic-inspired models from the Zhejiang range.

Shower rails and hoses are generally made of nickel-chromium plated or stainless steel. They come in various lengths of hose, and with shower handsets with either single or multiple modes, flat or flared noses, and many more options. These units are generally designed to be fitted to a mixer tap.

Special Models

This niche covers specialist models. These can be smaller models for kids, or with added technological features...

Junior and child models are designed especially for children. They commonly feature temperature cut-offs to prevent too-hot water being ejected, as well as adjustable rails that go lower than most standard designs.

Thermostat showers may be offered by your water tap suppliers. These advanced models incorporate temperature measurement and control devices in the main body, and feature heads of an aluminum alloy and stainless steel for maximum durability.