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  • Bathroom furniture Burgbad Accura
    Bathroom furniture Burgbad Accura

    Bathroom furniture. Burgbad Accura - universal collection of bathroom furniture. Recently, bathroom largely emancipated. From extremely functional areas it has become a holistic living space.

  • Hokkaido 60
    Hokkaido 60

    Mirror with shelf Light larch

  • Bathroom Furniture Florence 65
    Bathroom Furniture Florence 65
    ASB Mebel

    Set of bathroom furniture "Florence" - an exquisite Italian design, impeccable style and quality materials, all this makes the set of furniture "Florence" the epitome of beauty and quality. We choose natural solid wood, because it is not a modern material does not have the environmental performance and refinement of how this natural material.

  • Bathroom Furniture Rimini 60 White Patina
    Bathroom Furniture Rimini 60 White Patina
    ASB Mebel

    Bathroom furniture "Rimini" - a simple classical forms that allow us to express the harmony of proportions and color saturation. A new collection of "Rimini" embodied the best traditions of art furniture. Using only natural solid wood we created a collection of "Rimini" for those who appreciate the sophistication and eco-friendliness of natural materials.

  • Bathroom Furniture Palermo 110
    Bathroom Furniture Palermo 110
    ASB Mebel

    Bathroom Furniture "Palermo" is one of the most popular collections classical style. The furniture is made of solid ash. It is decorated with natural marble worktop «Emperador Light» Are you interested in the Italian classic style? You appreciate natural materials? Then a set of bathroom furniture "Palermo" from solid natural wood, we have made for you.

  • Bathroom furniture Bella
    Bathroom furniture Bella
    Sanflor Mebel

    3D-milling decorative collection glossy facades Bell gives the space sharply contemporary sound. In the model presented cutting-edge combination of elements of cabinets, as well as the original mirror with an innovative lighting system.

  • Bathroom furniture Rondo
    Bathroom furniture Rondo
    Sanflor Mebel

    Modern style, brightness, functionality - the distinctive features of the collection of Rondo. Original ring shape handle is not only mandatory structural element, but also creates a stylish accent.

  • Bathroom furniture
    Bathroom furniture

    RPG panels - from 30mm are ideal for the installation of bathroom furniture for tiling. The basis is crucial: water resistance, light weight, but with high strength and the ability to create any shape.

  • Furniture Collection Laura
    Furniture Collection Laura

    "Laura" collection has a classic style. Front parts are made of solid wood. New exclusive method of painting and patination in gold gives Laura collection an extraordinary charm, emphasizing its advantage over its competitors. The collection includes new gold handles inlaid with swarovski stones, as well as the natural marble that we get from Italy.

  • Bathroom Furniture Collection Chrome
    Bathroom Furniture Collection Chrome
    Ravak Russia

    Chrome bathroom cabinets and mirrors are distinguished with grandiose design matching all size and type variants of wash basins of the same brand name. The unifying element is pure style and uncompromised quality of materials used.

  • Evolution Bathroom Furniture
    Evolution Bathroom Furniture
    Ravak Russia

    Unique on the market but a practical design. That is the Evolution cabinet and washbasin Evolution with typical harmoniously fluent lining passing from the wash basin to the cabinet in a a single uninterrupted line. Its style refers to the bathtub awarded by the Design Centre of the Czech Republic as an Excellent Product, with which it forms an exceptional concept for the whole bathroom.

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When completing the design and installation of any bathroom, you're always going to be best off dealing with leading bathroom furniture suppliers. They'll make sure you get:

Modern or traditional designs depending on the decor you need to match.

Items resistant to water and markings - the tough life of bathroom furniture means it needs to withstand being wet and dried repeatedly.

Full sets and part-sets to give you many options when it comes to installing only the bits of furniture you need.

The huge product directory here at WorldBuild365 gives you an easy way to source high quality items from bathroom lighting manufacturers, bathroom cabinets suppliers, ways to buy bathroom mirrors wholesale, and much more...

Bathroom Furniture Suppliers

The bathrooms sets manufacturers that WorldBuild365 works with give you a wide variety of full-set options:

Wooden bathroom furniture collections consist of sink cabinet, mirror, shelving units, lighting, and everything else you might need to complete the installation of a beautiful modern bathroom. Wooden sets in particular are available in walnut and mahogany, creating a strict yet elegant look reminiscent of a Mediterranean villa or mountain chalet.

Marble patterns or ivory enamel, and wood mix provide a bathroom set with all essential ingredients, and a style that is richer, without the dry look of some all-wood bathroom furniture sets. Getting these sort of bathroom sets wholesale is a much better way to approach their purchase. These elegant and sophisticated items often feature gold surrounds and other rich additions.

Water resistant bathroom sets offer protection against moisture and dust, the option of overhead and floor modules, and often a greater variety of fitting choices than those offered by wood or part-wood bathroom sets. Rounded or sharpened edges, functional or designer - the choices in this category are very broad indeed. On WorldBuild365's online directory you'll find bathroom equipment manufacturers who deal in both efficient styles, and those that could almost be termed modern art.

Bathroom Cupboards and Sink Cupboards

The perfect storage space, with the aesthetics to match any decoration.

Commodes are free-standing or wall-mounted cupboards or chests of drawers available in a wide range of materials. This includes wicker in various colors, several plastics, refined wood, aluminum, and coated aluminum. They're available in both small and large sizes in order to meet any design demand.

Sink cupboards come both with and without the sink itself attached. A ceramic bathroom accessories suppliers will often provide their products attached to all kinds of cupboards and floor units. Get this sort of bathroom furniture wholesale through our online directory to match any requirements you might have when it comes to decor.

Bathroom Mirrors

The bathroom mirrors manufacturers we work with offer a variety of options...

Wall mirrors range from simple wave mirrors and flat mirrors to more decorative models. Some feature large surrounds that have an almost royal appearance, while others are simple designs suited to any decor that might be part of any bathroom you're installing.

Mirrors with shelves or cabinets give you two functions in one, and are a great way to save space when it's at a premium. The WorldBuild365 directory features bathroom mirrors suppliers who offer these units in various styles and materials, including back-lit models, closed cabinets, open shelves, and many more bathroom furniture items.

Mirrors with lights - from understated to over-the-top Hollywood dressing-room style light surrounds, you'll find a bathroom lighting manufacturer who offers the illuminated mirror that you're looking for here. There are a range of innovative models featuring LED lights, which give no shadows and a uniform brightness.

Bathroom Lighting Supplier

From ways to get cheap bathroom sets wholesale to refined modern lighting set-ups, you'll find what you need here...

Freestanding lights come in a variety of different styles and materials to suit any decor.

Built-in lights are available in many mirror, cabinet, and sink cabinet designs. Most bathroom lighting manufacturers provide lights designed to create wide zones of uniformly bright light. Premium quality units can be purchased wholesale via our products directory.