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Sustainable Home Trends

Sustainable Home Trends

There are two main reasons why sustainability continues to be the primary topic when discussing home construction. First of all, there is the environment conservation aspect. It is both responsible and desirable to help the planet. As for the second reason, it is perhaps an even more universally understood concern - the matter of money.

As a recent study conducted by Lendi informs us, people are much more motivated to invest in sustainable resources of energy due to lower monthly bills than keeping the planet green. In addition, the demand for green homes is only increasing. For this reason, we are giving you some of the latest sustainable home trends to look out for (and possibly apply).

 Eco-friendly materials

After extensive research over the years, nowadays it is fairly convenient to find environmentally friendly materials which perfectly serve their purpose. Here are some of the most common ones:

  •  Bamboo - when we talk about natural materials, bamboo is one of the most renowned ones. Due to its prompt reforestation, this plant is 100% approved to be used in homes for flooring, wall screens and mats, amongst others.

  • Recycled steel – the usage of recycled materials is extremely enticing since costly and hazardous processes are avoided in such a way. For example, steel production requires a massive amount of energy, disastrous CO2 emissions, and so on. On the other hand, recycled steel is of high-quality and it uses 75% less energy compared to regular steel production.

  • Precast concrete – this material has so many advantages over its site cast counterpart. Namely, precast concrete is more easily adjusted to suit the customer, not to mention a lot cheaper, more time saving and of higher quality, too.

  • Sheep wool – obviously, sheep wool is definitely a renewable resource, and it provides great insulation.

Solar panels

While they used to be only a pipe dream, nowadays solar panels are quite a common sight and a very desirable feature for a green home to have. By harnessing solar power, you are reducing your energy bill. They are practical and easy to install, and different types offer distinctive percentages of energy efficiency.

Smart homes

Somewhat surprisingly, the latest gadgets and technological wonders are extremely desirable and eco-friendly. The explanation lies in the fact that smart homes are all about energy conservation. For instance, by setting up a smart thermostat, you no longer have to leave the heating on until you return from work. Simply use an application to turn it on an hour or two before heading home. With just one click, you can turn off the electricity in all the sockets in your home. Dimmed lights are also energy-saving, just like the outdoor motion sensor lights.

Water conservation

The most important resource on our planet is greatly valued in today’s market. That’s why people are redirecting their grey water to be used for purposes such as watering the garden. Speaking of which, smart sprinklers water the soil only when it is needed, rather than wasting the precious liquid on damp land. Rainwater collectors are a common sight, also.

Eco-friendly gardens

It is no longer enough to have a garden in order to show your endeavour about environmental preservation. Since lawn maintenance requires a lot of water, it is highly recommendable to narrow down the lawn area and organise your garden in a different way. Succulents are vastly popular, as well as growing your own fruit and vegetables. Your produce is organic, money-saving, and you are not encouraging pricey and harmful imports (due to the energy needed for the food to be transported from one continent to the other).

Green roofs

More and more roofs are turning green as a part of the global trend for making our homes and offices as green as possible. One of the reasons for this trend is the fact that such homes are more energy efficient – they retain the heat or cold better, depending on the season. Moreover, green roofs are more durable than ordinary ones, which is another added benefit.

As it appears, sustainability is the key word in today’s market. Whether one is buying or building a home, surely some of the above mentioned are to be searched for or implemented, if not all of them.

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