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Modern trends in commercial building exterior enhancement

Modern trends in commercial building exterior enhancement

Investing in commercial real estate is no small task, as you're committing a significant amount of capital, time, and effort into the endeavour, and all of that is done with the expectation of seeing a hefty return in the long-term. However, while the future might look bright if you've just acquired a sizable commercial property for a low price, actually carrying out the renovations is the challenging part. If you're having trouble deciding which exterior renovation projects to tackle first, try starting with the following five suggestions:

1. Stone Walls and Fixtures

If you study the appearance of any reputable chain of companies that operates through the use of commercial real estates, such as restaurants and hotel chains, you'll notice that all of their buildings have exterior surfaces that are complex, with textural and shape variations along the outside walls. For example, you can find inspiration from more than 60 variations of crushed stone and natural stone veneer products in Kafka's Legacy Series catalogue. Plus, a stone is just one type of exterior wall modification out of dozens of other options. 

2. Advanced Landscaping

A fancy building in the middle of a lot that looks like a wasteland simply doesn't work visually. In fact, investing in extravagant interior decor is a complete waste of money if you're not going to invest in the exterior as well. The reason for that is simple – people don't even want to enter a building that looks bad from the outside. Thus, it's imperative to include the cost of landscaping in your overall budget calculations.

3. Walkways and Paths

Paving small walkways or even just installing stepping stones can have a huge visual impact on your property and is almost essential for any high-traffic area where people will be walking over grass repeatedly. Without a walkway, you'll wind up with matted down trails of grass on your property, which just doesn't look good from any angle.

4. Fencing and Rails

Fencing and rails help give the perception that your place of business is safer and well maintained. Statistically, this investment also reduces the likelihood of vandalism, theft, and other acts of crime taking place on your property, as many criminals are deterred by the idea of having to jump a fence. 

5. Improve Parking Access and Availability

Finally, every place of business should have an abundance of easily accessible parking spaces. If this is not already the case on your property, this should be a cost to plan for in the near future. 

Exterior vs Interior: Which to Renovate First?

The immediate exterior of the property -- the outside walls, patios, and lawn areas, should be left for last because there's no sense in getting those perfect only to have interior design crews making a mess inside afterwards. However, any exterior eyesores that can be seen from the street should be fixed immediately.

After all, you don't want the build's image suffering during construction, so it makes sense to get the outside ready during the early stages of renovation. With that in mind, the five suggestions above should be high on the list of priorities for any commercial real estate investor who's preparing to restore the decrepit exterior of a property.





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