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How to diy Printed circuit board at Home

How to diy Printed circuit board at Home

PCB is the essential thing for most of the people that who all are involved in electronic company. When it comes to finding the best level of PCB, then you can find it from best manufacturers. Yes, Ray PCB manufacturer is always offering the better outcome in terms of developing the business. On the other side, one should keep it in mind, that there are three main fundamental methods for making the PCB like Iron on the Glossy paper method, Circuit by hand on PCB and Laser cutting edge etching

Creating PCB layout of your circuit

This method helps in converting your circuit’s schematic diagram into a PCB layout by using PCB layout software. So there are so many open source software packages which are there for the PCB layout creation and design. When it comes to this method, this could need materials. Yes, here you will require a black marker, sandpaper, kitchen paper, some old clothes, to start making PCB, consider a simple project TOUCH SWITCH using IC555.

On the other side, when it comes to taking print out of PCB, now you will have to take a print out of your PCB layout and  print will help you in this and the A4 photo paper/ glossy paper. Now follow the below points and keep it in mind.

  • Now you need to select both from the PCB design software and printer driver settings

  • When you take print out keep this thing in mind that print should be on glossy paper

Cutting the copper plate and make it smoother

Firstly, you need to cut the board accordingly whatever will be the size of the layout.  Then, you need to rub the copper side of the PCB by employing the steel wool or abrasive spongy scrubs. So the work of this step is to remove the oxide layer of the copper as well as the photo resists layer. When you will be done with those things you need to follow up the methods.

Essential things to follow

Now you need to transfer the printed image from the photo paper to the board.  Now what you need to do is you will have to put the copper surface of the board on the printed layout.  Now this need to be understood that by employing the reference of the circuit image printed on the glossy paper first draw basic printed sketch on the copper plate with a pencil and then by the permanent black marker.

Now it may sound crazy but yes when you will be done with printing on the glossy paper you need to Iron the image side down to copper side.  Now you will have to heat up the electric iron to the maximum temperature. Now you will have to out the board and picture on a neat and clean wooden table and clad with the back of the photo paper facing you. But while doing the process you will have to put pressure on each edges of the board.  So that it could transform it into copper plate.

Now you will have to warm the water at least for 10 minutes and paper will dissolve and remove paper softly. Now you need to remove the paper off at the low angle and traces. This step follows few concerns such as you will have to put plastic gloves. And then you will have to put newspaper so that etching solution will not ruin the floor. When you will be done with all those steps now you need to give it final touch and so this one needs special attention.  So you can use nail polish for this particular method.

Get support from Ray PCB

By following the above discussion, you can be getting support from Ray PCB that whenever you want. At the same time, the service getting from this manufacturing company will also be lesser when compared to other manufacturing companies. It is the main reason where most of the people are looking forward to find the best PCB manufacturing company in order to experience the better outcome on the whole. If everything is managed to handle in a better way, then you will be going to offer the good outcome.

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