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How to Design Your Dream Home

How to Design Your Dream Home

Living in a dream home is something we all strive for, but finding such a home isn’t always easy. Every property has a flaw or two, and it seems that perfection is always out of your reach. That’s why taking matter into your own hands and designing your dream home on your own from scratch makes more sense in the long run, and that’s exactly what you need to do. So, whether you’re planning to purchase a new home or build one, here’s how to make it perfect.


Perfect location

The location that will ultimately determine the quality of your life so think long and hard about it before reaching the final decision. Examine the ground, the quality of the soil, the proximity to the neighboring houses and other objects such as hospitals, kindergartens, schools, supermarkets, etc. Finally, think about the public transportation and parking, especially if you own a car and plan on using it on a daily basis.

When you’re thinking about location, be sure to get some help: find a reliable checklist that can help you with the basics, talk to your friends who’ve already gone through this process, consult someone with experience and, in the end, hire a real estate agent who’ll give you all the answers you need.

Perfect design

Whenever you’re designing something, you need to visualize it first – from a perfect batch of cupcakes to a perfect home. Relying on your own feelings is the key and the best thing about designing a home on your own is that you don’t have to answer to anybody else but yourself! So, give it all you got and grab this chance to realize all your wildest dreams and desires – if you want a huge bedroom, a tiny living room, a kitchen that’s upside down, this is the time to make it happen.

However, don’t take things too far before consulting a professional architect who’ll be able to intervene in case your design isn’t as grounded in reality as it should be. These people can shape your ideas and wishes into something that will actually look good in the end and turn your rough sketches into an actual layout design. Don’t be afraid to invest enough time and money into this because a professional design is going to make a difference between a perfect home and a disaster.

Perfect floor plan

This next step will take your basic ideas and your architect’s vision to a whole new level and now you’ll be able to “see” your future home for the very first time. Equipped with an appropriate software and some knowledge, determine the positions your rooms, walls, doors and windows, and modify the layout if something seems wrong or not good enough. Remember, there’s still enough time to change your mind and opt for a different layout because the actual building process is far ahead.

Any kind of experience is of great value here and visiting a wide variety of already built houses can help you and inspire you more than you have initially thought. Picturing something in your head is quite different than actually seeing it in reality and you need to know what your dream home to look like. A lot of people visit different display homes in Sydney because this way they can see various layouts, features and options they can incorporate into their own design plan, so take this idea into consideration as well.

Perfect décor

After your house has been built, all you need to do is decorate it. Again, you can do this on your own, but hiring an interior decorator is much a better idea, since décor is what’s going to make the most impression on your guests and determine the tone of your home. Introduce your own ideas into the mix as well and make the décor as personal as possible. Pay attention to each room individually and make it distinctive, but also try to set the overall tone for the entire home and bring all areas together in a sensible and unifying way.

Once you’ve completed all of these steps, there’s just one more thing on your list – move in your dream home and enjoy it every single day!

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