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Home Remodeling Ideas to Reduce Noise

Home Remodeling Ideas to Reduce Noise

It’s the middle of the night and you hear your neighbor, clearly intoxicated, going back home from what seems to be a crazy night, singing his heart out. Now he woke you up and you can’t fall back asleep. Or you simply want to enjoy a peaceful day, but your street has a lot of traffic. Completely soundproofing your home could cost you a fortune. However, there are some remodeling projects and décor ideas that could help you reduce external and internal noise to a bearable level.

Use soundproofing materials

There are two types of materials that can block the exterior noise from coming into your room and/or make your room less noisy: sound blockers and sound absorbers. Sound blockers are best for blocking the outdoor noise. They can be applied over windows, doors, walls or in between cracks. Sound absorbers are used to reduce the ambient noise inside the room.

Take care of the walls

Besides the usual soundproofing techniques, there are some décor tricks you can use on your walls to make your home quieter. For example, you can use special wall paints which can reduce noise up to 30 percent. Insulation, wallpapers, and adding book shelves or other thick pieces of furniture can also help.

Think about the doors and windows

A lot of noise comes into your house through your doors and windows, especially if they are made of poor quality materials or have cracks around them. Installing sound proof doors could really contribute to the overall acoustics of your home. You should also consider weather-stripping all your windows with an acoustical caulk sealant. Triple glazed windows also do wonders for your peace and quiet.

Silence your floors

Squeaky or otherwise loud floors can be really annoying, especially if you have members of the household who get up and go to bed at different times. One of the ways of solving this would be replacing the squeaky boards, but if you want to really silence those footsteps, you should think about carpeting your floors. This way the untimely interior traffic will stop being a nuisance.

Get rid of the buzz

Some household appliances, such as refrigerators and computers, are constantly buzzing and creating a noise that might not be as conspicuous, but looking at it long-term, can contribute to anxiety and stress. That’s why you should consider switching to new top-of-the-range appliances which are usually much quieter and more energy-efficient.

Reduce the in-house noise

Living in a house with a lot of people can be interesting and fun. However, it can sometimes be tiresome too, if some household members are making noise and disturb the others. The in-house noise can be reduced by covering the walls and/or ceilings with sound absorbing materials, such as foam, cotton and felt. These materials can be covered with decorative textiles or otherwise masked to look more appealing.

Fluff up your rooms

Finally, you should know that sound bounces off hard surfaces and is absorbed into soft surfaces. This means that empty rooms will be more echo-y than a room packed with furniture. Soft materials like rugs and drapes in each room will minimize the amount of sound traveling throughout the space. You should also consider introducing upholstered furniture, throw pillows and wall art (made of sound absorbing materials, like felt) wherever you can.

If the noise in your neighborhood or the one inside your house is making your life unbearable, you should consider including some of these ideas into your next remodeling endeavor. After that, you will finally be able to live a more peaceful and serene life.

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