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Exterior Trends That Make Your Home Look More Expensive

Exterior Trends That Make Your Home Look More Expensive

While you cannot judge a book by its covers, you can certainly judge a home by its exterior. Not only will the curb appeal of your home leave a lasting impression on your visitors and passers-by, but it will also provide them with an insight into your personal style and taste. Thus, if you feel like your home’s in need of restyling, you can give it a new, modern and expensive look by implementing these stylish exterior trends.

A classic colour scheme

When choosing a colour scheme for your home’s exterior, it’s important that you pick a palette with a timeless value. Neutral hues have always been in style due to their elegance and sophistication, so they are always a great choice for a home’s exterior. Warm beige, white, pale grey, soft yellow and similar hues will help you create an inviting ambience and simple yet elegant look.
The best way to pick the right colour scheme for your home’s exterior is to build it around the elements that you won’t change, including the roof and other architectural components. Try to find a complementary palette that will accentuate your home’s features.


Bold accents

What makes a neutral colour scheme a perfect choice for a home’s exterior is the fact that it’s a perfect backdrop that will allow you to introduce bolder and eye-catching accent details. Conspicuous stylish accents will break the monotony and add character to your home. However, you shouldn’t go overboard with accents because they can create an exaggerated look. Instead, you can choose a stunning contrasting yet complementary colour for your entrance door and another similar hue for the window shutters. This way, you’ll create a balanced contrast that exudes elegance and harmony.

Subtle lighting

Exterior lighting should be subtle and intimate in order to create an ambiance of cosiness, warmth and sophistication. Since lighting can help you set the mood, illuminate your home’s features and create a visual appeal, it’s important that you choose appropriate lighting fixtures. For your front entrance, you can choose a traditional lantern that will add depth to your home or elegant pendant lights on the sides of your front door. As for your yard, you can install low-voltage lights along your garden path and hide fixtures in the bushes and trees. Not only will this keep your property bright and welcoming, but it will also create a friendly atmosphere of comfort and warmth.


Luxurious garage doors

Your garage door has a major impact on your home’s curb appeal, so you should consider styling it up. Garage door replacement is one of the most profitable home improvements, so it’s certainly worth the investment. When choosing a design, you should pick one that matches the general style of your home. However, if you’re looking for a budget-friendlier upgrade, you can simply repaint it and add lighting.

Chic entrances

Your front door is the focal point of your home’s exterior. Therefore, you should style it up and give it a new look that will be a true design statement. You can simply repaint it in a new, bolder hue and change the hardware to add appeal to your home immediately. Replacing your door with a new one is another option and a wise investment if your front door is worn out, but make sure to pick an appropriate material and style.
If you have an entrance from your garden, a new door will really style up your backyard haven. There are plenty of modern solutions that will add a sense of elegance to your home. For example, Australian homeowners opt for the best cedar sliding doors Sydney has to offer to give their homes an expensive and chic look. Sliding doors are a perfect option for your backyard entrance since they will provide your home with plenty of light while boosting its appeal.

Making your home look more expensive doesn’t require a fortune. With several simple upgrades, you can boost your home’s curb appeal and create an atmosphere of elegance and style.

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