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Best 5 Warehouse Design Ideas

Best 5 Warehouse Design Ideas

Running your own warehouse surely is a fine art, but it's also something that requires a lot of time, energy and understanding. And no matter if you're in warehousing business or you simply want to build one to store your products before shipping them away, you have to make sure your warehouse is designed correctly. Even though there is no “right” way to do it, following some ideas that have proven to be effective for other entrepreneurs can help you quite a lot. Therefore, we’ve come up with a list of 5 best design ideas you should consider when bringing your warehouse to life.

Designing your warehouse “inside out”

Even though many people don't believe that racking and warehouse design aren't intricately linked, you have to think about racking before designing your warehouse. Why? Well, this is the case because your racking system will have a huge effect on the operational criteria of your warehouse such as picking efficiency and container handling. Because of this, you might want to think about the idea of designing your warehouse "inside out." Basically, what you're supposed to do is first design your operational storage and only then design the actual building.

Ensuring quick product availability with aisles

If there are aisles in your warehouse, finding a product and bringing it from location A to location B will always be much easier. So, when designing your warehouse going for aisles is a real no brainer. Just make sure you don’t make aisles in your warehouse too long. This may help you save some space, but it’s going to slow down your operations which is never a good thing. That’s why short cross aisles are something you can never go wrong with. These will help you optimize your functions and achieve maximum efficiency when it comes to your work.

Designing your warehouse for automation

We all know how technology has advanced during the last 10 years. The industry has witnessed a lot of new machines being designed to fit the needs of modern warehouses. That said, there’s plenty of material-handling equipment that will help you automate your warehouse. Still, if you’re going to do this, there will be things you should have in mind when designing your warehouse. For example, if you need to build flooring in different levels, you might want to consult your provider for automated solutions before you start the project.

Using structural steel

There are tons of materials you can use to build your warehouse and structural steel sure is one of them. In fact, structural steel has proven to be the ideal material when it comes to building large constructions such as buildings, warehouses, and bridges. Warehouses usually have plenty of utilitarian structures within the premises and these are usually made of structural steel. Therefore, it’s recommended that you consult experts such as those at Wallandra who can provide you with structural steel for your warehouse.

Choosing the right door types

It may seem like choosing your doors is quite a simple task comparing to designing your aisle system but it’s nevertheless something you should have in mind before you start building your warehouse. So, you should take some time to think about each of the doors you’re going to put into your warehouse. Are they for internal or external purposes? Do they need insulation? Should they allow heavy traffic? Make sure you’re able to answer all of these questions before you contact your door supplier and make any purchases.

Modern warehouses have undergone a lot of change and designing your warehouse can today be quite a complex task. Give all the ideas we mentioned above some thought and you should be able to get the design of your new warehouse right.

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