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6 Budget-savvy Living room decoration tips for Christmas 2018

6 Budget-savvy Living room decoration tips for Christmas 2018

Who does not like to get soaked in the Christmas spirit? Everybody love this time of year. Christmas is the time of miracles and reconnecting. Everything looks so festive and inspiring around,  one thing that everybody loves about Christmas is the decorations. The mind-blowing lights, tree decorations, and beautiful houses covered in decorations are the most favorite part of this festive season. Christmas comes with a lot of expenses but, your decoration doesn’t have to be. Therefore, this articles is about decorating your living room space in the maximum Christmas colors without spending much. 

Your living room is the area where you will be hosting your Christmas dinners and tree decorations family gathering. Hence the area requires some extraordinary Christmas spirit than the rest of your house space. Nowadays, there are many ornaments and decoration article available in the stores which will cost your huge sum of money. But it is not necessary to break your bank on those expensive decorations. Instead, you can use below tips to fill your living room with all the Christmas magic.


Tip 1: 

Let’s begin with the decoration theme of this year. Following a theme is a great idea as it allows you to create balance and right rhythm to your Christmas celebration. You have to pick a theme so that all your decoration is designed and planned accordingly. Some popular themes are traditional Christmas, White Christmas, Silver bells, Snow Theme, or duo-color theme. Select your favorite one and then hop on to the second tip. Grab your last year decoration box and pick out everything you wish to use this year too. For example, if you have any traditional star or particular ornament that is in your family for many generations.


Tip 2: 

Make space for your centerpiece. A tree is a centerpiece and also a must for Christmas celebration. It's entirely your call to pick the tree size, natural or artificial, and color of the tree (If chosen an artificial one). Your tree should be perfect for your house. Too big or too small can make the decoration a little weird. Now, you know your decoration theme and have a beautiful tree spot. It's time to visit the craft article shop for shopping your entirely new Christmas decorations.


Tip 3: 

It's a creativity time. Stars never go out style, therefore, you can add plenty to your living room by making on your own. Buying star decoration can be expensive but, making it is fun and budget-friendly. A festive mantle arrangement is also a traditional Christmas decoration. So, grab some hot chocolate and start cutting and painting some mantle for your living room. You can make photo strings by making frames to stick your fun Christmas memories to your living room walls. Oh, do not miss to add glitter to your decoration after all Christmas is the time of sparkle and shine.


Tip 4: 

Candles are one of the most attractive decorations during Christmas. They are inexpensive and bright. You use DIY to make your candle stand that fits in your theme to upgrade your living room decoration. If your theme is related to snow, you can place your candles in a mason jar filled with salt and glitters to get more festive feel along with the candle warmer. Coloring the jar based on the theme is again a cheap and great idea to decorate your living room. There are plenty of candle stand ideas made from the leftover wrapping papers and decorating ornaments. Give your living room amazing touch by adding unique and creative candle lamps without spending a lot of money.


Tip 5:

Isn’t it a great idea to use ribbons as curtains? You can save money on buying new curtains by add sparking ribbons as your new curtains. Curtains cost so much especially during the festival time so, it is wise to try some really savvy and bold styles this Christmas. Besides, ribbons can add so much life to your living area Christmas decorations. In fact, you can also use ornaments as hanging to the ceiling to brighten your Christmas cheers.


Tip 6:

Decorate your sofas and chairs with the Christmas colors and stars. Use ribbons and scarfs to cover your old sofa in festive colors. Spending on sofa covers and table clothes are one of the costlier expense during the festival. However, you can save your hard earned money by using creative ideas of revamping your old furniture looks by using do-it-yourself tricks and handmade decorations.


Above 6 tips will cover you fully this Christmas. Decorate your room with amazing handmade and traditional ornaments without emptying your pockets. To get amazing saving deals on your Christmas shopping, check out the discounts coupons at Couponobox.com. Hope you find the tips useful. Enjoy the re-connection and spread more-n-more Christmas spirit around you.

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