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3 Ways to Get Accurate Measurements When Remodeling Your Kitchen

3 Ways to Get Accurate Measurements When Remodeling Your Kitchen

If you’ve decided to remodel your kitchen, you’re in for a treat! Having a kitchen made according to your preferences and requirements can do wonders for your quality of living. You’ll find it easier to move around, cook delicious new dishes, and even keep the kitchen free of clutter when you have new cabinets, vertical storage, and several other modern space-savers.


However, kitchen remodeling requires precise measurements. There are several components that make up an ideal kitchen. The cupboards, windows, doors, wiring, flooring, appliances, and fixtures are all important to get your perfect kitchen. Rest assured there is no room for mistakes because your money and time should be spent where it is useful.


Getting accurate measurements of your kitchen is now possible in the following ways:

1. Using Photogrammetry

The photogrammetry software extracts 3D models and measurements from the photographs captured with a camera. This way, it makes easier to achieve accurate 3D scanning and measurements. Visiting the PhotoModeler website will help you immensely in getting the correct measurements.


When the light hits an object, it reflects and passes through the lens. It is then captured on your camera. Using multiple photographs, the photogrammetry software computes the position of a point in 3D space by simple geometry. To get absolute measurements in real units, for example, two points that are 6.23cm apart, the software uses a reference scale.


Photogrammetry works on its algorithms for higher accuracy. These steps will give you further insight into how photogrammetry works:


  • First, you’ll take photos of every side of your kitchen from several different angles.

  • You’ll then upload the images into the photogrammetry software on your computer. There are several methods to do this. You should choose your desired method to get accurate measurements.

  • After you have your desired digits, you should always review and analyze the results given to you.

 2. Measuring and Using a Graph Sheet

The measuring process can also be done manually. The probability of error is higher as compared to when software is used, but it might be preferred by many.

Before you start shopping for the perfect design of kitchen cabinets, cupboards, and floors, you should have accurate measurements in your hand. You should have a clear concept of where the windows are and where the appliances should be fixed. That’s when a graph sheet should be used.


Firstly, you should make a detailed sketch of your kitchen; it should depict everything from your ceiling to your floors. The next step will be to measure the walls. Measure the kitchen island in the center, and the length of the cabinets and cupboards. You’ll need to find the center point of your sink, stove, and windows if you’re not planning to change the layout of your kitchen. Also, measure the height of your ceiling. Don’t forget to measure the doorway, pipes, vents, outlets, and switches.


You can use the measurements to determine the amount of paint, backsplash, and other materials to be used for renovation.


You should use a graph sheet to make your sketch as accurate as possible. Using a graph paper with corresponding squares equaling one foot of real space will aid in making the sketch accurate and according to a standard scale.


Make a detailed and easy-to-read list of all the measurements. Recheck them with the help of a friend to minimize the risk of errors. Once done, take your findings with you while searching for the required materials for the kitchen renovation.

3. Hiring a Contractor

A pricier, but easier option to get accurate measurements for kitchen remodeling is to take the help of kitchen remodeling services. Call a certified contractor and discuss the options that suit your style and budget. Specialists will measure your kitchen for you and work with you to redesign your kitchen. The good thing about hiring a contractor is you can opt for customization once the accurate measurements have been taken.


Whichever method you choose, stick to it. Your hard work and dedication towards your kitchen will surely pay off. Don’t hesitate to get started on getting the kitchen of your dreams. Begin your research today and also start saving up if need be.

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